Many of our apps are free, but the following are available for purchase at a very reasonable price.  This page only shows our apps that can be purchased.  For a complete list of all of our available apps, please see the Apps page.

Java Apps

Tab Grabber Plus – Tab Grabber makes it quick and easy to download Guitar Pro tab files from Songsterr.

    Purchase Tab Grabber Plus

Windows Apps

Name Dropper – Name Dropper allows you to quickly and easily rename files by clicking buttons to build the filenames.

   Purchase Name Dropper

Android Apps

DirecTV Remote+ Pro

To purchase Android apps, please do so through either Google Play or the Amazon Appstore.

Get DirecTV Remote+ Pro on Google PlayGet DirecTV Remote+ Pro on the Amazon Appstore

A note on the DirecTV Remote+ companion apps (Volume Plugin & Shortcut Add-On)

Both of these companion apps are free to try.  While you need to at least have the free version of DirecTV Remote+ installed in order to try them out, you do not need the Pro version to play around with them.  This is especially important with the Volume Plugin!  Volume is a tricky thing to do with a Smartphone due to technical limitations and hurdles to overcome.  For this reason, the Volume Plugin can be installed and tested with your equipment (phone, TV, AVR, etc.) without having to purchase the Pro version of the main DirecTV Remote+ app.  If it works when testing, then it will work with (and from) the main DirecTV Remote+ Pro app.  If it does not work when testing inside the plugin (as you set it up) then it will not work from the Pro version either.

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