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As seen in PC World Magazine (December 2004 issue)
As seen in the Digital Focus Newsletter (June 15, 2004)

Name Dropper Highlights

  • Geared for digital camera users, but capable of renaming ANY type of file
  • Supports major file formats used by all digital cameras
  • Supports most proprietary RAW images found on higher-end cameras
  • Supports many audio & video formats, as well as several common ID3 (MP3) tags
  • Allows rapid renaming of files… one at a time, or even batch renaming
  • Simply click on buttons with your mouse to build unique filenames
  • Add incremental ‘series numbers’ with a click of your mouse
  • Save button configurations as templates for common subjects
  • Powerful Search & Replace function makes tough file renaming jobs a breeze
  • Supports EXIF Date & Time, allowing you to insert the original date and/or time a picture was taken into the filename
  • All EXIF information created by the camera remains intact, as only the filename is changed
  • Allows you to copy or move files, and with Name Dropper’s exclusive SmartName feature, you will never again have to worry about existing filenames in the destination folder!
  • Full support for networks, with built-in network drive mapping
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Outstanding technical support from a person who cares
  • FREE upgrades for life


Whether you take lots of pictures with a digital camera, or just have lots of files to rename, Name Dropper makes the process of renaming files easy to do. There are other “batch renamers” out there, but there is nothing like Name Dropper! Typical batch file renamers are often difficult or confusing to use, and they don’t offer much value when it comes to renaming very small groups of files or individual files. While Name Dropper can quickly batch-rename hundreds or thousands of files at a time, it is its unique interface that also makes it quick and easy to rename them one at a time!

Name Dropper’s interface is simple and straight-forward, but don’t let that fool you. Name Dropper has powerful features and functions that other batch renamers simply do not have. A total of 12 buttons insert text that you specify, allowing you to quickly build new filenames simply by clicking on buttons. What’s more, you can save your custom buttons as templates so that you can quickly recall them in the future. Digital camera users will love the ability to insert the exposure date and / or time directly into the filename with a couple clicks of the mouse. Don’t have a digital camera? Name Dropper allows you to rename ANY type of file, and it’s easier to use than any other file renamer!

Name Dropper also provides functions to copy or move files from one place to another. So does Windows, right? Yes, but only Name Dropper has the powerful SmartName feature. When enabled, you never again have to worry about failed copy or move operations due to duplicate filenames in the destination folder! If a file being copied or moved shares the same name as a file already in the destination folder, SmartName will automatically modify the name of the file being copied by adding what is called a sub-series number. This process not only retains the original filename (while adding a little to it to make it unique), but it also retains the order of the files in the destination folder. Only Name Dropper has this feature! And if you don’t usually rename your digital photos, you probably know the headaches associated with moving files from your camera to the same folder on your computer. This usually results in duplicate filenames. With SmartName, you will never have to worry about duplicate filenames again when copying or moving files.

Name Dropper supports Series #s, EXIF data (such as exposure date & time), and has options that let you choose how the series #s and date or time appear in the filenames it generates. You also have complete control over if and where the date, time, or series # is placed in your new filenames. Because Name Dropper only renames files, your EXIF data is safe and sound.

For advanced users, there are advanced features and functions too! Name Dropper allows you to map (connect) network drives to a local drive letter (and un-map / disconnect them as well). You can also execute a “Search & Replace” on a group of files… tell Name Dropper what to look for in the filename, and automatically replace it with different text. Want to see more details about a picture you took with your digital camera? Did the flash fire? You can view the EXIF data of any JPG or TIF image taken with an EXIF-capable digital camera. EXIF Date & Time can also be extracted from virtually any RAW image file, too!

Name Dropper is a must-have for all digital camera users, and it’s a must-have for anyone with lots of files to rename. Find out for yourself why Name Dropper is like no other batch renamer!




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