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Latest version: v1.3.0

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Tab Grabber makes it quick and easy to download Guitar Pro tab files from Songsterr.
  • Easily search and download Guitar Pro tab files directly from Songsterr with lightning speed!
  • Enter a song artist and/or title to search for and the results will be displayed.
  • Select the song (or multiple songs in Plus version) you are interested in.
  • At this point, you can either choose to download the selected tab(s) or you can also choose to view the tab page(s) on the Songsterr website (Plus version) which can be handy for ensuring it is the correct song or simply to look it over before deciding to download the tab.
  • Another way you can use Tab Grabber is as a companion for when you are browsing the Songsterr site directly. If you find a tab that you would like to download, you can easily copy & paste the tab’s URL into Tab Grabber and click the appropriate button to download the tab. This saves you several steps from doing it manually from the tab’s page on Songsterr.
  • Plus version: As an alternative to copy & pasting the tab’s URL, you can simply drag the URL from your browser’s URL box into the Tab Grabber window. If a valid tab page is detected, it will automatically download the tab file featured on that page without having to click any extra buttons.
  • All downloaded tabs are placed into the “Downloaded Tabs” folder and will use “Artist – Song Title.gpX” formatting for the saved filenames.
  • Test drive it for free for 7 days with the free trial license!
This app is written in Java so it will run on Windows, Mac and Linux!
It requires Java 8 (1.8.0_171) or newer which is already installed on most computers.
Note: If you have problems running the app with newer versions of Java, please try also installing Java 8 to see if this resolves the issue.
Don’t have Java installed?  You can get it for free here.

  • Lightning-quick at searching and downloading Guitar Pro tab files directly from Songsterr
  • Saves the tab files with the Artist and Song Title automatically added. No more manually downloading tabs and having to rename them!
  • PLUS version features:
    • Select multiple tabs at once in the search results to download them all at once
    • Sort the search results by artist or song title and in ascending or descending order
    • Ability to open the tab’s Songsterr page(s) in your default browser from within the app’s search results to check them out before downloading
    • Right-click in the search results to quickly download the selected tab(s) or view them in your web browser
    • Drag & drop a Songsterr URL from your browser’s URL box to the Tab Grabber window to automatically and immediately download the tab file featured on that page
    • More plus features to come!
    • A paid Plus license key allows for activation on two computers owned by you and never expires


You may use the free version as much as you wish, but be sure to at least take advantage of the free 7 day trial license. If you find it useful and would like more features in the long-term, please consider purchasing the Plus version. Purchasing the Plus version not only gets you great features right now, but also helps encourage active development in the future!

Support Songsterr!

This app would be useless without Songsterr’s amazing database of Guitar Pro tabs! Please consider supporting them by either purchasing one of their mobile apps (iPhone, iPad or Android) or a subscription to Songsterr Plus.

Why download Guitar Pro tab files?

Songsterr is great for a quick online practice session, and especially with their mobile versions. It got me started on learning bass after playing drums for over 30 years. I do still use it occasionally but my preferred method these days is using a great app called Go PlayAlong. In fact, if I’m to be honest, Go PlayAlong got me so hooked on learning new songs that it was a huge inspiration for what would become Tab Grabber! As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and knowing how to invent (program, in this case) has its benefits! 😉

What’s great about GPA is that it allows you to sync up a Guitar Pro tab file with an MP3 of the actual song! It does this automatically but in some cases some manual tweaking is required. On a side note, this often reveals flaws in the tabs such as missing or extra bars, wrong notes, etc. But hey, it’s better than nothing, and if you also have the Guitar Pro (or the free TuxGuitar) software then you can edit them and fix the flaws then sync it up again in GPA.

I really can’t say enough about Go PlayAlong! It truly was a game changer for me and after I began using it to play along to the actual songs perfectly synced with the tab, my ability to play more and more songs skyrocketed. Still had to put hours and hours and hours of practice in, but it’s amazing what playing along to the real song can do, and especially when the tab file is synced right up to it!

For more info, see the Go PlayAlong and Guitar Pro web sites. For a free and open source alternative to Guitar Pro, check out TuxGuitar.

Trial details

After downloading it is recommended to unzip to your desktop. The zip contains a folder that the app will be located in.
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