I have been riding motorcycles since 1997.  My first motorcycle was a 1996 Honda Magna and although I had it for a long time, I recently sold it around mid-2019, replacing it with the awesome Honda Fury.  I really loved the Magna and was sad to let go of it but I am quite happy with the Fury!

I had done a couple little projects with the Magna and will keep them posted here on my website.

Installing Headlight & Taillight Modulators on a 3rd Gen Magna

Installing LED gauge bulbs on a 3rd Gen Magna

It’s generally accepted that riding a motorcycle has its dangers, but I have found the information found at Motorcycle Tips & Techniques to be very informative. It contains over 150 in-depth articles on things that all motorcyclists should know, many in regards to safety, including important things that an MSF class doesn’t even cover.

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