Preventing the app from needing to occasionally re-scan for your DirecTV receiver(s)

Static IP address (or DHCP reservation):  Why you want to use it!

If I could only recommend one thing to users of my app it would be to set up your DirecTV receivers (as well as TVs and AVRs if networked) with either static IP addresses or DHCP reservation.  Doing so will prevent their IP address from ever changing which can cause them to be unreachable from the app.  If this happens, it can be corrected of course – typically by re-scanning for DirecTV receivers in the main DirecTV Remote+ app and re-scanning or manually configuring your networked TVs or AVRs in the Volume plugin.  For the best possible experience though, static addresses or DHCP reservation is the way to go.

While the two options are done differently, the end result is the same: Once configured, the IP address of the device will always stay the same.  While I may add more information about this to this documentation, I have also covered it here in the FAQ section.

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