InterAx Support Installer

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Important: If you do not have the InterAx Editor installed, you will need to install InterAx Support first in order for demo games to run!

What is InterAx Support?

The InterAx Player requires several DLL and OCX files to be installed to the end-user’s Windows “System” folder in order to work. When you download the InterAx Editor, these files are installed to your computer. So why is this file available for download? If you would like to download an InterAx demo game, but don’t wish to install InterAx yet, then you will need to download and run this installer first. More importantly, if you use InterAx and would like to distribute your game to other people, their computer most likely will not have all of the necessary files installed unless they happen to have InterAx. Using this “installer” is the easiest way to ensure that the end-user has the necessary files installed. If you distribute your game on a CD-ROM, you should include this file and inform the end-user that they need to run it in order to install your game (or automate its installation). This is a must-have download for all serious InterAx users! Download it and keep it handy!



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