Wonderland – InterAx Demo Game

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Important: If you do not have the InterAx Editor installed, you will need to install InterAx Support first in order for demo games to run!


This game was made by one of the InterAx beta testers. It demonstrates many features of InterAx, and is a great way to learn how to work with flags and objects in a “real world” situation. (It’s also a complete and fun games for kids to play). Below is a list of what this game demonstrates:

  • Using flags to control objects’ visibility
  • How to play a soundtrack, and change it throughout the game
  • How to play AVI movies
  • Implementing a scoring system, and adding to the score by use of the Responder Object in response to the user doing things that are necessary to finish the game
  • Implementing the Map & Locations
  • Using Inventory Items and the Goodie Object

Overall, the game demonstrates uses of the following object types: Link, Ambient, HotSpot, Goodie, Reactor, Responder, Delay, and Multi-Trigger.

How to install a demo game

Download the file and unzip to your hard drive. Important: The zip file contains sub-folder information. In order for the game to work properly, please be sure that the ‘Use folder names’ option is enabled in WinZip (or your preferred zip utility) prior to unzipping.

How to run a demo game

To run the game, double-click on Game.exe. Note: The ‘Debugging’ option was enabled in this project, therefore there will be a small ‘Debug’ icon in the upper-left corner of the game screen. There will also be a ‘Debugging Window’ visible. These were left enabled so that you can better understand how the game works as it is played.

How to view or edit a demo game in the InterAx Game Engine Editor

To view the demo in the InterAx Editor, load the *.iax project file into InterAx by either double-clicking on it in Windows Explorer or from the File menu in the editor itself.


Screen Shots


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