FlashPAP Version History

* In auto mode, app was re-enabling buttons after selecting dates but probably shouldn’t have in order to prevent any potential user intervention.
* Tweaked some internal delays when auto-importing data into SleepyHead to help occasional failures to initiate the import function in SleepyHead.
* Fixed problem with date stamp conversion which could cause some months to show as “00” (PRS1 and S9).

* Resolved issue where progress meter would spin indefinitely if no SETTINGS folder was found on the card but was expected to be there (S9 or Airsense 10).
* New command line switch added: log=yes will cause the program to write a log file for troubleshooting purposes. Off by default.
* Added FlashAir setup/configuration wizard! Click […] button next to the FlashAir Host Name/IP field.

* Resolved issue where the app could stop responding when trying to copy numerous dates at once.
* Depending on the last date copied over, the latest two dates may now be pre-selected in order to prevent missing a newly added session to an already synced date.
* A network scanner has been added to help find the IP address of your FlashAir. Using the host name is recommended but if that doesn’t work then you can also use the IP address. To access the scanner, click on the […] button next to the Host Name/IP field.
* Other minor changes

* Added support for Philips Respironics System One P-Series (PRS1). This has been tested.
* In manual mode, buttons were not re-enabled if the program could not locate the FlashAir on the network after initial scan attempt.
* In auto mode, program was running the sleep data program even if it was unable to locate the FlashAir on the network after initial scan attempt.
* Optimizations when retrieving log dates from ResMed machines during date scan.
* Added more info to the ReadMe and changed it to an HTML document.
* Zip now includes a sample CONFIG file that can be used as a template when configuring your FlashAir.

* Fixed crash when app failed to write a config file due to insufficient permissions or write-protection on the app’s folder.

* Fixed problems retrieving data logs from S9 – now tested.
* Fixed path problems on Linux and Mac.

v1.0.0 April 25th, 2015
* Initial Release

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