Using the Chat Windows

You can chat at any time… even during a game (but who has time then?).  The chat interface works like most other chat interfaces.  You type what you want to say in the small text box at the bottom, then hit [Enter] or click on the ‘Send’ button.  You can also send a private message to another player by double-clicking on the player’s name in the Player List on the right side of the Chat Window.  A ‘Private Message’ window will pop up, where you can send and receive private messages to/from that player.
Also in the Chat Window is a row of buttons at the top.  These allow the players to quickly communicate about the game without having to type it.  The list below covers each button, and what it sends:

Request New Game – If you are the HOST, it asks, “Start a new game?”.  If you are not the host, it says, “Start a new game.”

Request End – If you are the HOST, it asks, “End this game?”.  If you are not the host, it says, “End this game.”

Yes – “Yes”

No – “No”

OK – “OK”

I Don’t Care – “I don’t care”

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