Setting Up a Multi-Player Game

Boogle allows up to 10 people to play against each other over a LAN (Local Area Network) or the Internet.  Before playing a multi-player game, the participating players must decide who will HOST the game.  The host is in charge of the games played.  He or she decides what Timer Setting to use.  He or she is also in control of starting new games.
NOTE:  If hosting a game over the Internet, you have the option of creating a private or public game.  If public (recommended), then it will be easier for others to find your game, and players from around the world may even join in your game!  If you prefer to keep your game private, remember that you will need to give your Internet IP address out to your friends so that they will be able to join your game.  Your IP address will be obtained and displayed within Boogle itself to help you with this.

ROUTER USERS:  You need to open port 47624 for TCP/UDP to the hosting local IP.  You also need to forward ports in the range of 2300-2400 to each PC in your LAN that you want to play or host Boogle with.  I recommend a program called DXPort to help you control which ports get opened on which PC, which makes it easier to forward ports in your router.
Multiple sessions:  Boogle intentionally will only return the first session found over a LAN or any given IP even if multiple sessions are being hosted at that location.

Once the players decide who will host, and who will be joining the game, continue with the appropriate instructions below:


  • Choose ‘Multi-Player|Host Multi-Player Game’ menu.
  • Enter a Session Name – This can be anything you want.  If more than one multi-player game will be played on a LAN (Local Area Network), you should use different names for each game to keep them seperate.
  • Available Over: (LAN or INTERNET) – If you are only playing over a LAN, you can leave this on LAN.  If you will be playing your game over the Internet, you must choose the INTERNET option here.  When you choose INTERNET, Boogle will ping the Cognitial website in order to obtain your true Internet IP address and fill that in for you.
  • Available to Public – This option is only available when hosting a game over the Internet.  If you would like people from around the world to be able to join in your game, be sure that this option is enabled (checked).  When enabled, it adds your game to a list of public games hosted on the Cognitial website.  When others are looking to join public Internet games from Boogle, your game will appear as a game they can join.  Once you end your game, it is automatically removed from the public list.  Your game can only be found with another person running Boogle.  There is no access to this information directly through the website.
  • Local/Internet IP – When hosting a game over the Internet, you need to give your IP address to the people who plan to join your game.  To make things easier for you, Boogle gets your IP address and fill this in for you.  If you are making your game available to the public, then you don’t really need to worry about what your IP address is.  However, if you are NOT making the game public, then you will need to give this IP address to the persons you want to join your game.  Otherwise they will have no way of connecting to your game.
  • Max Players – Choose a maximum number of players to allow in the game.  The limit is 10.
  • Password (if desired) – If you would like to allow only certain people to play in the game, choose a password for them to enter.  If not, leave it blank.  If you do password-protect the game, be sure that participating players know the password in advance!
  • Player Name – Enter the name you want to go by when chatting & playing the game.
  • Click ‘OK’ when done.
  • After a few moments, a chat window should appear, where you can chat with the participating players.  The game will not start until you, the HOST, start a game by clicking on the ‘Start/Restart’ button.
  • Before starting a game, you may choose to change the Timer setting by clicking on the ‘Game|Timer’ menu.


  • Choose ‘Multi-Player|Join Multi-Player Game’ menu.
  • Player Name – Enter the name you want to go by when chatting & playing the game.
  • Location – Select either LAN or INTERNET, depending on where you are looking for a game to play.
  • Public List/Specify IP – This option is only available when joining Internet games.  If you would like to join a public game, choose Public List.  If you are joining a private Internet game hosted by someone you know, choose Specify IP.  If specifying the IP, then you will need to get the host’s IP address prior to joining his or her game.  Enter that into the ‘Specify IP’ box that will appear.
  • Click on the ‘Refresh Sessions List’ button to search for Boogle games at the location specified above.  Note that in order for games to appear in the Sessions List when set for Public Internet Games, others must have recently created a public Internet game.  If none are found, then that means nobody else is hosting a public Internet game at this time.  Why not host one yourself?  Just play by yourself in Multi-Player mode and maybe someone will join in!
  • Select a game from the ‘Sessions’ list by clicking on it.  If no sessions are listed, then either the host hasn’t started a game yet, or you might have entered an incorrect IP address (if specifying).  If you are sure the IP address is correct (or if you are playing over a LAN), try clicking the ‘Refresh’ button every 15 seconds or so until the session appears.
  • Password – This text box is only enabled if you select a session that requires a password.  If it is enabled, then please enter your password here.
  • Click ‘OK’ when done.
  • After a few moments, a chat window should appear, where you can chat with the participating players.  The game will not start until the HOST starts a game.

    Once the players are all in the session, you can chat, and also play a game.


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