As a developer and user, I like options; and DirecTV Remote+ is loaded with them!  Many are only found in the pro version but the free version has some as well.

Haptic Feedback Level (ALL) – Here you can adjust vibration intensity when pressing buttons in the app, from off to strong.  Device must support vibration.

App Startup Screen (ALL) – Here you can tell the app which remote to display when first starting up.

Orientation (PRO) – ‘Auto’ will change the orientation of the app in relation to the orientation of the device.  If you would prefer to always use portrait or landscape, you can choose that as well.

Macro Delays (PRO) – The pro version allows you to create and use custom macros.  Their reliability depends on several factors (network health and speed, receiver speed, etc).  While the default settings should work well for most people, increasing them will often resolve reliability problems.  Major: Delay in ms after sending a command before it will send another.  This applies to buttons such as Menu, Guide, List, Info, etc.  Often times the receiver takes a while to display these.  Minor: This delay is used after sending relatively minor commands such as Ch/Pg Up & Dn, navigation, etc.

Show icon in notification area (ALL) – Places an icon in the Ongoing Notifications area so that you can quickly launch the remote.  Only available when on the main (remote) screen.

Show labels on colored buttons (ALL) – Displays R G Y B labels on the colored buttons.

Keep macro list open after executing (PRO) – Prevents the macro list from hiding after choosing a macro to execute.

Mini-Guide data source (PRO) – Normally the mini-guide gets its data from the currently selected receiver.  If you’d like, you can specify which receiver to use.  Useful if you have a particular receiver that is faster than the others or one that is rarely used.  *** Only recommended if you use static IP addresses or DHCP reservation!  If the address changes the mini-guide will no longer populate! ***

Disable Wi-Fi check (ALL) – If for some reason the app consistently fails to detect that your device is on Wi-Fi or if you always use the app to control a receiver over your wireless carrier connection (3G, etc), then you can disable the Wi-Fi check in the app.  Should you decide to use this option, it will be up to you to ensure that your Wi-Fi is connected as necessary.

On Now goes straight to Mini-Guide (PRO) – While using the remote, you can skip one step to the Mini-Guide by having the On Now button bring you directly to it.  Note that the ‘More Info’ is still available in the Mini-Guide by long-pressing on a guide entry.

Show ‘On Now’ info in notification (ALL) – When enabled, the notification will tell you what show, movie or music channel is currently playing on the selected receiver.  Please note that this option will consume more battery.  To preserve battery, this feature will suspend itself if the app is unable to communicate with the receiver for several minutes.  To resume the ‘On Now’ notifications again, simply open the app once you have a network connection to the receiver again.

Refresh every X seconds (ALL) – You can increase the delay time between On Now information requests which in turn will save some battery power at the cost of the ‘On Now’ information being a bit more delayed.  10-60 seconds, 10 is the default.

Keep device awake on main screens (PRO) – Prevents the device from sleeping when the app is on the main Remote, Search Assistant or Scan screens.  Consumes battery power quicker.  Be sure to exit the app when you are finished so that the device can sleep as normal.

Kill app when backing out of it (ALL) – This option will ‘force-close’ the app when you press the back button while on the main remote screen as opposed to sending the app to the background and letting Android manage it.  If you choose this option, notifications (if enabled) will be cleared and stop working until the app is run again.  This option is not recommended.

Scan continuously for channel changes even when app is not active (PRO) – When the app is ‘closed’, the On Now notifications remain and update with the current program info.  To conserve battery, the notification updates itself shortly after the last known program was due to end.  However, it you change the channel using a real remote or the Shortcut Add-On, the notification will not update until it thinks the last-known current program should end which will result in incorrect program info in the notification.  With this option enabled, the notification service will constantly check for channel/program changes in the intervals set in the app’s prefs screen even if you are not actively using the app.  While this will help keep the notification current, it comes at a cost of increased battery consumption.

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