(Options can be found under the ‘Game’ menu)

Quickie: Set timer to 1:30
Normal: Set timer to 3:00
Extended: Set timer to 5:00

Sound Effects>
Enable Sound Effects: Turns sound on or off

Options are not saved.  They are reset to the defaults the next time you run Boogle.

NOTE:  In a multi-player game, you may only change the timer setting if you are HOSTING.  If you are not hosting, then the game timer depends on what setting the Host chooses.

For Multi-Player games, you can also specify which PORT to use.  The default setting should work for most people, but if you need to change this, it can be changed with the ‘Multi-Player>Port Setting’ menu.  You may need to change this to a port that is open in your firewall (if you have one).  If playing over a LAN, then each computer in the LAN should use a different port.

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