• Organize Lists (PRO) – This brings up the list organizer, which allows you to rearrange, rename and delete receivers, favorites and macros.
  • “MORE” FEATURES (ALL) – Pressing Menu > More will present a list of more commands and features found in the app.  Below is a brief description of each.
    • Launch DirecTV Scheduler (PRO) – This will launch the official DirecTV Scheduler app (if installed on your device).  The app allows you to schedule recordings on your DVR from anywhere!
    • Reboot Receiver (ALL) – Sometimes the DirecTV receivers and DVRs get a little slow over time.  This command will reboot the device without having to go through the menus, press the reset button or pull the plug.
    • Toggle SD/HD Resolution (PRO) – Along with the cool new DirecTV HD GUI came an issue for those with a TV connected to the SD (composite) video output: You cannot see or use the menus or guide when the device is set to put out an HD signal to any output!  This menu item will send the SD/HD toggle command to your receiver or DVR (DirecTV HD GUI only).
    • Create & Restore backups (PRO) – The pro version allows you to easily backup and restore the app’s settings.  This is useful simply for backup purposes as well as transferring settings (receivers, favorites, macros, etc) to another device.
    • Exit App (ALL) – Completely exits the app, “killing” all processes and services.
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