The reliability of macros in this app heavily depends on the responsiveness of your DirecTV receiver.  You can adjust macro delays in order to allow the receiver time to respond to commands.  If you find macro reliability to be hit or miss, try increasing the delays in 250 ms increments.  Unfortunately, the H2x and especially the HR2x series of receivers are known to get a bit laggy over time.  If you find that the overall responsiveness of your receiver and the reliability of macros has deteriorated, please try rebooting your receiver.

Built-in macro commands can be overriden as follows.  The names can consist of lower/upper or mixed cases:

  • CC On button – Create a macro named CCON
  • CC Off button – Create a macro named CCOFF
  • Search Assistant – The buttons at the top of the Search Assistant screen can use custom macros.  Create a macro named SEARCH or SEARCHDVR
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