Keyboard & Mouse Shortcuts

If you are real good with the mouse, and you’d like to speed up your game a bit, try using these shortcuts:

To enter a word faster:
This enters the current word, so long as it is at least 3 letters long.  This way, you don’t have to move the mouse down to the “Word” button.

To go back one cube:
LEFT-CLICK on the cube you want to delete
You can keep doing this until the word is completely gone.

To cancel the entry:
If you double-click anywhere except on a cube that has been selected, this will cancel (clear) the word you are currently entering.  Use caution when entering words, and make sure that you don’t accidentally click on the same cube twice & quickly.  You might accidentally cancel the word.  If this happens often, you may want to consider changing the double-click speed on your mouse.

To quickly ‘Restart’:
If your mouse has a middle button (between the left & right buttons, sometimes it doubles as a scroll wheel), you can click this to quickly start a new game.  This is handy if you keep getting “bad” games.  NOTE:  In a multi-player game, this will only work if you are HOSTING the multi-player game.  This will restart the game for everybody.

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