How to play

To begin a game, hit the “Start/ Restart” button.  This starts the timer and enables the buttons.  To enter a word, click on a letter cube.  You form the word by continuing to click on other cubes next to the previous cube.  Once you have a word formed (and it’s 3 or more letters long), click on the “Word” button.  The “Word” button is the button that the word is printed on.  If the word is in the dictionary, it will be placed into the word list, and you can begin entering another word.  If you make a mistake entering a word, you can either go back one letter at a time by clicking the “Back one cube” button, or clear it by clicking the “Cancel Entry” button.

As you add words to the list, by default they will be in the order you enter them.  Optionally, you can click on the ‘Sort’ checkbox.  This will keep the words in alphabetical order.  This may help you to keep track of what words you’ve entered, so you don’t waste time trying to enter them again.

You can pause the game by clicking on the “Pause” button.  This hides the game screen and a message box pops up.  Click OK to continue your game.
There may be a circumstance when you know you have gotten a high score, but you don’t want to wait until the timer is done.  Clicking the “End This Round” button will set the timer to 0:00 and end the game.  If you did get a high score, you will be able to enter your name.  If you don’t care about the high score, just click on the “Start/ Restart” button again to start a new game, with new letters.  Using the “Start/ Restart” button quickly starts a new game.  If the game you are currently playing has a score high enough to make the high scores, and you want to keep it, do not use this button!
Once the timer is up, you cannot click on any other letters.  If you get a high score, a small window will pop up.  There, you can decide to add your game to the high scores, or cancel it

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