How To Play

The game begins when the HOST clicks on the “Start/ Restart” button.    All players will then “synchronize” with each other to ensure that everybody is ready for the new game.  Once this is done, the timer starts and the game buttons are enabled.  

To enter a word, click on a letter cube.  You form the word by continuing to click on other cubes next to the previous cube.  Once you have a word formed (and it’s 3 or more letters long), click on the “Word” button.  The “Word” button is the button that the word is printed on.  If the word is in the dictionary, it will be placed into the word list, and you can begin entering another word.  If you make a mistake entering a word, you can either go back one letter at a time by clicking the “Back one cube” button, or clear it by clicking the “Cancel Entry” button.
As you add words to the list, by default they will be in the order you enter them.  Optionally, you can click on the ‘Sort’ checkbox.  This will keep the words in alphabetical order.  This may help you to keep track of what words you’ve entered, so you don’t waste time trying to enter them again.
Once the timer is up, you cannot click on any other letters.  A window will pop up stating that Boogle is waiting for all players to finish.  Depending on internet connection speeds, it may take a short while for everybody to get synchronized after the games end on each computer.  Once this is done, a Score Card will pop up.  Here, you can see everybody’s list of words, their final scores, and who won the game itself.  In multi-player games, words get cancelled out if two or more players had the same word.  Words that got cancelled out will have an asterisk (*) next to them.  A small window will also be visible, which shows a preview of the puzzle, so you can easily reference it when looking at words that other people were able to find.
A new game will not start until the HOST clicks the ‘Start/Restart’ button again.

NOTE TO HOSTS:  During gameplay, if a puzzle is particularly poor, you may decide to either a) end the game early, or b) just restart it.  To end the game early, click on the ‘End This Round’ button.  This sends out a notice to all players to stop the game.  After a few moments, the Score Card will appear.  To restart a game, click on the ‘Start/Restart’ button.  This sends a notice to all players to start a new game.  Boogle will synchronize again, and a new game will begin.  IMPORTANT:  It is recommended that you just let the game finish if there is less than 30 seconds left in a game, due to possible delays with internet games.

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