High Scores

Boogle uses a high score system which retains the top 10 scores.  The scores are based soley on the score alone, and the number of words doesn’t matter.  If a person ties a high score, then the most recent score takes its place.

After a lengthy time of playing, the high score board might get difficult to get on to!  If so, click on the “Clear High Scores” button while viewing the high scores, and a message box will pop up.  If you’d like to retain the top-most score (position 1), then click “Yes”.  If you’d like to clear all of the high scores, click “No”.  If you’d like to leave the high scores alone, click “Cancel”.

You can view the High Scores by choosing ‘High Scores’ from the ‘Game’ menu.  In the High Score window, you can view the list of words entered in that game by clicking on any portion of a high score entry.

NOTE:  High Scores only apply to ‘Single Player’ games.

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