Backing up & transferring app settings

If you would like to make a backup of your remote settings or transfer your existing settings from one device to another, follow the steps below.  An SD card must be installed in both devices in order to copy or transfer settings:

  1. Connect your Android device to your computer using the ‘mount as disk drive’ option.  Alternatively, if you have a folder & file browser app installed on your device, you can browse to it directly on the device.
  2. Browse your device’s internal and external (SD card) storage and look for a folder called ‘DirecTV_Remote’.
  3. Copy the file inside of that folder called ‘DirecTVRemote.ini’.  If you are simply making a backup, just save a copy of this file wherever you would like.  If you are transferring settings from one device to another, continue on to the next step.
  4. Install the app on the device you wish to transfer the settings to and run the app at least one time.  Important:  Before performing the next step, go into the app then choose Menu > More > Exit App.  Failure to do so can result in the copied settings getting lost when the app saves its settings stored in memory.  By choosing the Exit App option, this cannot happen.
  5. On the new device, copy the DirecTVRemote.ini file into the DirecTV_Remote folder, which may be located either in internal and external (SD card) storage, overwriting the existing file.
  6. Run the app again to confirm that the settings have been transferred.  If not, try these steps again.

NOTE: The PRO version makes this easy with Backup & Restore (Menu > More)

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