About the Volume Plugin

When installed, the exclusive Volume Plugin adds volume, mute and input buttons to the main DirecTV Remote+ app.  PRO users can use these buttons directly in the main remote app or with the Shortcut Addon!  FREE users can look but not touch.  Free users can, however, install the Volume plugin and see if it will work for them without having to buy the Pro version of the main remote app first.

Use of the volume plugin requires a network controllable television or AVR receiver, a network-to-IR device, or certain Sony, LG, Samsung or HTC phones/tablets with built-in IR emitters.  (See link to supported devices below).  Although the volume controls are integrated into the main DirecTV Remote+ app, they do not work directly with your DirecTV equipment.  MOST people will be unable to control volume with ANY app. That is just the way it is. See this FAQ for a detailed explanation. If you have to ask if this app will work for you then the answer is likely NO.

See FAQs for current list of supported devices!

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