About the Shortcut Add-on

There is a free add-on for the DirecTV Remote+ that allows you to create shortcuts on the home screen of your Android device.  Using these shortcuts you can send any remote button, favorite channel or macro to any receiver or even use the Mini-Guide without having to even open the DirecTV Remote+ app!

The add-on is free of charge, but please note that while shortcuts can be created with only the free version of the DirecTV Remote+ app installed, the shortcuts will only function if you have purchased and installed the PRO version.

If you specify the receiver when creating shortcuts (as opposed to using the ‘last used receiver’ option), it is strongly recommended that you have your DirecTV receivers set up to use static IP address or DHCP Reservation.  The reason is that the shortcuts use the current IP address for the destination receiver as opposed to the receiver name since the pro version allows you to change the names of your receivers.  If the IP address for the receiver changes, the shortcut will need to be created again.  If you are using static addresses or DHCP reservation then the receiver’s IP address will never change and therefore your shortcuts will never stop working.

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