Tab Grabber Version History

* GENERAL: Update to fix broken functionality due to a change on the Songsterr website.

* PLUS: Added right-click pop-up menu on tab results to more quickly download or view selected tab(s) in browser.
* PLUS: When opening multiple tab results in a browser at once, a slight delay has been added in between each request in order to prevent ‘429 Too Many Requests’ error displayed by Songsterr website.
* GENERAL: Search results are now displayed as a table which is much easier on the eyes and the column widths are adjustable. PLUS users can also sort the results by artist or song title and in ascending or descending order.
* GENERAL: If artist or title contains HTML code (such as “&” or “&quot”), it will now be replaced with the normal character in the results list.
* GENERAL: When saving the tab file, HTML codes will be replaced with the normal character if possible, but any characters that are forbidden in filenames will be changed to a different character (that is filename safe) or just skipped altogether.

* GENERAL: Added some functions to differentiate between paid & trial license keys

* GENERAL: Added automatic version checking
* GENERAL: Added Windows EXE Launcher & icon to the zip file

* GENERAL: Improved verbiage and informational labels, messages and links regarding the Free vs. Plus version

* GENERAL: Added ability to check for a new version (Help > Check for app update)

v1.0.0 December 7th, 2019
* GENERAL: Initial Release

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