Advanced support options

In addition to email and the FAQs you are reading now, I can also provide support via a chat room and if you have a device compatible with TeamViewer then I can even remotely control your Android device using TeamViewer QuickSupport!  These advanced support options are free of charge and are part of my commitment to providing the best support possible.

Chat Room

While the chat room is available 24/7, I only log into it when someone is expecting me.  As a result, it is usually empty.  If you would like help via online chat, please send me an email first.  If I happen to be available at the time, I will log in and chat with you.  Otherwise we can arrange a date and time to chat.

Click here to go to the online chat room

Remote Control via TeamViewer QuickSupport

Using a free app, I can remotely control your phone or tablet to help set it up or show you how to use it.  This service is only available on certain device brands and models.  At the time of this writing this includes Samsung, Sony, Asus (for business customers), Lenovo, Alcatel One Touch / TCL, Prestigio, Archos, Medion, Caterpillar / CAT, Unitech and more.  See the TeamViewer QuickSupport app (link below) for an up-to-date list.

Before we can use this option, you first need to install the free TeamViewer QuickSupport app.  It may also require a free addon, in which case the app should prompt you about this when you first run it.  Click here to go to the free TeamViewer QuickSupport app on Google Play.

Like the chat room, you will need to first email me and let me know you would like to use this support option.  If I happen to be available at the time and have access to my computer, I will remotely control your phone or tablet and help you with your problem.  Otherwise we can arrange a date and time for this.  You will also want to have access to a laptop computer so we can communicate via the chat room or we can also arrange a phone call if preferred.

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