Known Issues (current version)

Note:  I will update this article as any issues come up or get resolved.  If you are having an issue that is not listed here, first be sure you are using the latest version as it may have already been fixed.  If the issue is in the latest version, please send me an email (button in app) and let me know about it so I can look into it.  If you have already notified me but still don't see it here then either I have been unable to duplicate it or I simply forgot to add it here.


Although not really an issue with my app itself, it has been brought to my attention that Genie clients can stop responding to network commands when drilling down into the menus to change settings and options on the client.  See this post for more information. 

Known issues in v3.5.1 (updated 11/15/2013)

  • Some Samsung Galaxy S4 users have reported that pressing the device's hardware volume rockers to control volume causes a Force Close in the main app.  Using the graphical volume buttons work as normal.  I believe this to be a problem in the main pro app.  If anyone who is experiencing this would like to try a test version to see if I have it fixed here, please send me an email from the main app and ask to test it.  I can send you a link to download a test version.



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