How do I fully exit or close the app?

Android recommends that developers allow the OS to decide whether to suspend an app in the background or completely destroy the task in order to reclaim memory.  Further, if you have notifications enabled, they will continue to appear and update even after you back out of the app or return to your home screen.


If you would like to completely exit the app and stop all notifications, do the following from inside the app itself: 

Free and Pro:  While on the main screen in the app (main remote screen), press Menu > More > Exit App.  Alternatively you can long-press on the EXIT remote button.  The app will close and the task will immediately be destroyed.  This will remove any notifications from your Notification tray.  To resume using the app, open it from a shortcut or the App list on your Android device.

Pro:  If your phone or tablet supports expanded notifications, you can fully exit the app by choosing that menu item in the expanded notification.

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