My login to download the full version of Name Dropper does not work!

2024-06-06 16:00
Note: The information on this page applies only to those who purchased Name Dropper prior to 10/27/2018, which used the legacy login section for downloading the full version.
So long as the username and password are being entered correctly, the only reason why a newly issued password (from a very recent purchase) will not work is if the same product has been previously purchased.  If you are not sure, or continue to have problems, use the Lost Password Retrieval Form at the link above to verify your password.
If your email address has since changed, you can still login with your old email address and password but please note that you will not be able to retrieve a lost password.  If this is the case, please contact support and request that your email address be updated in the system.
Important Notice to older customers:
Due to some data loss when my site hosting provider moved my site to a new server and again when my site was moved to a new host provider, customers who purchased Name Dropper between February 10th, 2008 and June 23rd, 2010 will need to have new usernames and passwords issued. I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. If you are affected by this, please contact us and include the name & email address you originally purchased Name Dropper with and I will issue you a new password.  If you are uncertain of which email address you used, don't worry.  Quite often your name alone is enough to confirm the purchase. Please follow the General Contact email link on the Contact Us page.

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