How can I find the IP address of my TV or AVR?

2013-11-03 02:15

Note: This information applies to finding the IP address of your TV or AVR for setting up the Volume Plugin.  For help finding the IP address of your DirecTV receiver, see this instead.


NOTE: Starting in version 2.0 of the volume plugin, you can use the setup wizard to automatically detect some devices.  Even if the wizard cannot completely set up your device for you, it may help you to at least discover the IP address.  With that info, you can manually configure the device by choosing the appropriate Control Method then just enter the IP address found in the UPnP scan.  If your device DOES come up in a UPnP scan in the plugin but there is not a Setup Wizard available for it, please send me an email using the [Report] button in the plugin after performing the scan then let me know what kind of device it is (type, brand, etc).  It will include a log which may help me to create a Setup Wizard for your TV or AVR!


If the wizard does not discover your device:

TVs or AVRs that are capable of being networked generally contain a way of displaying the IP address currently assigned to it.  That said, consult your owner's manual or simply press the Menu button on your TV or AVR's original remote and browse the menus looking for something related to Internet or Network settings.  You can usually find the IP address listed somewhere in there.


Old info - Only needed if you are using a pre-2.0 version of the Volume Plugin.  Version 2.0 and up can perform this same UPnP scan now:

Alternatively, many networked devices are capable of announcing themselves on the network.  In order to cut down on code size and also because the Volume plugin controls so many different device brands, for now it does not have automatic discovery of devices.  However, in many cases you can also find the IP address using a 3rd party app.  I tried out several of them and settled on the one below for being somewhat easy to use and providing the info needed.


  1. Install Ping Tools from StreamSoft.
  2. Press Menu > UPnP Scanner, or on newer devices, press the title bar then choose UPnP Scanner.
  3. Press the Scan button to scan your network.
  4. The app will display all UPnP devices it finds on your network.  This may change, but as of this writing the IP address it displays with the device is your phone or tablet's IP address and not the IP of the device you are looking for.  To display the device's IP address, press on it in the list and choose 'Info' from the menu.  Under "Descriptor URL", the TV or AVR's IP address and port will be displayed, along with some extra text.  See example below.


Example Info from the Ping Tools app:
Descriptor URL:

In this case, the device's IP address is and the port it uses is 55000.



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