What can I expect to see in future versions? ("ToDo")

2012-10-18 21:59

This is by no means a complete list of upcoming features or fixes, but based on some feedback seen in the market I figured it would be a good idea to list things that seem to be of concern to at least some people.  I will try to update this as items are completed.

Known issues in current version:  See this question.

Other ideas or ongoing issues:

The following is a list of some other things I am considering for a future version but I cannot guarantee they will ever make it.  Please note that this is not a complete list as some things are better off kept a secret until public releases. Wink

  • Provide an option to create and restore backups of the app's settings (configuration file). Done!
  • Consider changing the name of the app to avoid confusion with a competing app with a similar name. Done!
  • Figure out a work-around for the notification vibration & sounds that occur on a small number of devices for reasons I cannot yet determine. Embarassed
  • Although device scanning ("auto discovery") is pretty reliable for most people, I'd like to improve its reliability if possible for those who seem to have problems with it and resort to manually adding receivers.  Unfortunately I cannot personally duplicate any problems where a receiver is missed in a scan.
  • Resolve issue where app fails to recognize that WiFi is enabled and connected on some devices.  Another problem that I cannot duplicate.
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