What devices are currently supported in the Volume Plugin?

2014-12-06 01:24

The devices listed on this page can be controlled from the main DirecTV Remote+ Pro app using the Volume plugin ("free" users can test the plugin directly to see if it will work for them but will be unable to send volume commands from within the main remote app).  More devices will be added in the future.  If you would like yours added to the list, send me an email, but ONLY if it can be controlled over a network. There is no way I can guarantee that support will ever be added for your brand but I will try.  Warning: If you ask for support to be added for your device be prepared to do some testing for me!  Laughing  Even if I am lucky enough to find out how to control that particular brand, I have no way of personally testing it to make sure my code is correct.

For more info on the technical problems with controlling volume from an Android device, please see this FAQ.

Note: A new Setup Wizard introduced in version 2.0 of the Volume Plugin helps make setting up the plugin a little easier.  The wizard cannot set ALL devices up yet but it will do quite a few of them. 

Below are the devices that the Volume plugin can control:

Using IR:

  • [Built-in IR]  ANY TV or AVR can be controlled using built-in IR on select Samsung Galaxy devices (Currently GALAXY TAB 2/3, GALAXY NOTE 3 & 4, 8.0/10.1, GALAXY S4 & S5).  [Wizard]
  • [Built-in IR]  ANY TV or AVR can be controlled using built-in IR on the HTC One devices (supports learning!)  [Wizard]
  • [Built-in IR]  ANY TV or AVR can be controlled using built-in IR on select LG devices (Currently G2, G Pad & Vu:3).  [Wizard]
  • [Built-in IR]  ANY TV or AVR can be controlled using built-in IR on select Sony Xperia devices (Currently Xperia Tablet Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia Tablet S, Tablet S).  [Wizard]



  • [Network Control]  Any network-controllable TV or AVR that can respond to basic HTTP commands (UNLIKELY but possible).  This is manually configured by the user using the HTTP option.
  • [Network Control]  Any TV or AVR that can be controlled with HTTP POST or GET methods *or* a device that responds to basic raw text commands so long as no special encoding is required (More likely than basic HTTP but probably still rare).  This is manually configured by the user using the Advanced HTTP option.
  • [Network Control]  Any TV or AVR that supports volume & mute commands over UPnP  [Wizard]
  • [Network Control]  Denon or Marantz AVRs (may or may not work depending on model)
  • [Network Control]  LG Smart TVs  [Wizard]
  • [Network Control]  Onkyo AVRs (directly or through OnkyTroller)
  • [Network Control]  Panasonic Viera televisons (2011+)  [Wizard]
  • [Network Control]  Philips televisions (2011+... uses Philips jointSPACE)
  • [Network Control]  Pioneer televisions (using UPnP)  [Wizard]
  • [Network Control]  Samsung televisions (C series + up to 2013.  2014+ currently not supported yet due to a change in the protocol)  [Wizard]
  • [Network Control]  Sharp Aquos televisions
  • [Network Control]  Sony Bravia televisions (using IRCC or UPnP)  [Wizard]
  • [Network Control]  Toshiba televisions (using UPnP)  [Wizard]
  • [Network Control]  Yamaha AVRs (newer models)
  • [Network to IR]  ANY TV or AVR can be controlled using a Global Cache iTach, which connects to your network and sends IR signals to your TV or AVR.  For many, this may be your only option but on the bright side, it WILL control just about anything!  The device will set you back around $130-$150 but it's cheaper than buying a new TV.  Wink
  • [Network to IR]  Any device controlled with an IR blaster through HomeSeer (more info)


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