How do I enter or select IR codes for use with a Samsung Galaxy or HTC One with IR emitter?

2013-11-13 20:47

Some Samsung Galaxy devices have built-in IR emitters.  Current known devices that have this feature are the GALAXY TAB 2/3, GALAXY NOTE 3, GALAXY NOTE 8.0/10.1 (tablets) and GALAXY S4.  Also, the HTC One contains a built-in IR emitter as well.  What this means is that you can control volume on any TV or AVR with the Volume plugin if you own one of these devices!

Controlling your TV or AVR with the Volume Plugin using an Android device with built-in IR:

The app contains some presets for certain TV brands and using a preset is by far the easiest way to get going.  To choose a preset while your HTC One or Galaxy IR profile is selected in the plugin, press [Edit/View Cmds] then [Set Defaults] and look for your TV or AVR in the list.  If there is not already a preset for your brand or the included preset(s) don't work then you can still likely control your device but it will just take a bit more patience first.

There are a few ways to find out the correct IR codes to enter into the Volume plugin:

1)  HTC One users (IR learning):  The Volume plugin can learn your remote commands on the HTC One.  Currently learning is not supported on Galaxy devices because they do not contain the necessary sensors for IR learning.  For more information on learning IR with the HTC One, click here.

2)  If you can find Pronto HEX codes on the web, you can use the Global Cache iConvert utility to convert them to normal IR.  HEX codes for many devices can be found at Remote Central.  Getting the codes ready for use with your Galaxy will require some extra steps.  See the next section below.

3)  If you'd like, I can give you the codes to enter into the app.  In order for me to do this though, you will need to send me an email and let me know what brand your TV or AVR is.  Then I will help you get the plugin app working with it.  Please only request this help if you actually have a Galaxy model (or HTC One) that has an IR emitter!  For more info, see 'Need more help?' below.

Converting a Pronto HEX code to normal IR

If you find Pronto codes that should work with your TV or AVR, you can convert them yourself!  To do this, we will first convert it to Global Cache iTach IR with their free convertor tool for Windows.  You can find that program (iConvert) on the Global Cache Downloads page.

When you convert a Pronto HEX code with the iConvert tool, you will get something like the following:


In order to make this work for the built-in IR on your Galaxy or HTC One, we need to first remove some things from the results.

1)  Remove the entire beginning up to the first large number (in this case, 40192).  After doing this, you will have the following:


 2)  Remove the <repeatcount>, the following comma, the next number, and the comma after that.  After doing this, you will have the following:


This is what you will enter into the Volume plugin.  This needs to be repeated for each command (such as Power Toggle, Volume Up, Volume Down, etc).

Hopefully this FAQ will help get you started.


Need more help?

If you own one of these Galaxy or HTC One devices with built-in IR and are having trouble figuring out the proper commands, please send me an email from the plugin (use the 'Report' button).  Be sure to include the brand of your TV!  It may also help if you include the model number as well as which DirecTV remote code works for you.  Genie systems do not let you choose or see the different remote codes but the other models do (such as H2x and HR2x).


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