What is the Volume Plugin?

2013-08-21 03:40

When installed, the exclusive Volume Plugin adds volume, mute and input buttons to the main DirecTV Remote+ app.  PRO users can use these buttons directly in the main remote app or with the Shortcut Addon!  FREE users can look but not touch. Wink  Free users can, however, install the Volume plugin and see if it will work for them without having to buy the Pro version of the main remote app first.

Use of the volume plugin requires a network controllable television or AVR receiver, a network-to-IR device, certain Samsung Galaxy models or HTC One with built-in IR emitter.  (See link to supported devices below).  Although the volume controls are integrated into the main DirecTV Remote+ app, they do not work directly with your DirecTV equipment.  MOST people will be unable to control volume with ANY app. That is just the way it is. See this FAQ for a detailed explanation. If you have to ask if this app will work for you then the answer is likely NO.

Please note that this is a huge task I am undertaking here and currently only a very limited number of devices are supported. I will try to add support for more in the future but it is a slow and difficult process to find out how to control various device brands.  Please understand the situation here!


For a list of supported devices, click here.

If you cannot use this app because you don't have a compatible network-enabled TV or AVR please DO NOT even install it!

If you *do* have compatible equipment and find this app useful please rate & review it.  Normally I wouldn't say that the more ratings I get the more I will update it, but with a project like this that is pretty much the case.  Low interest means little incentive to improve on it.


  1. Working installation of DirecTV Remote+ (Free or Pro)* from Cognitial Mobile. If you do not have either app installed, you cannot run this app at all!
  2. An SD card (removable or non-removable) must be installed so that this plugin can retrieve your DirecTV Remote app settings.
  3. A TV or AVR that is supported in the app.  See link above.

* This plugin app will still allow you create and test volume profiles even if only the free version is installed but please note that they only function from the PRO version of the DirecTV Remote+ app.

This test plugin is somewhat of a work in progress.  It is not the most user-friendly app and could use some refining on the interface.  The idea for now is function over form!

AGAIN: MOST people will not be able to control volume from any app due to technological limitations of their TV or AVR. This is not my fault and there is nothing I can do about it. People who can use an app to control volume probably already know this. If you are not sure, then you probably cannot.


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