One or more receivers are listed as "UNNAMED"

2013-11-22 21:33

When the app scans for receivers it will retrieve the name given to it in the receiver's settings.  If one or more of your receiver's show up as UNNAMED then that means no name was ever entered for it.  Obviously this isn't a very descriptive name and it will make it difficult to determine which receiver is which.

To correct this situation, press the Menu button on your DirecTV remote and navigate to the Whole-Home settings to configure a name for the receiver.  After changing the receiver name(s), be sure to re-scan for receivers in order for the app to use the new names.  See the Troubleshooting FAQ for more info.

If you have the Pro version of the DirecTV Remote+ then you can also rename the receiver in the app using the List Organizer (Menu > More > Organize Lists).  However, it is best to enter the name into the receiver itself.

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