How do I learn IR commands on the HTC One?

2013-07-16 11:49

The HTC One contains an IR receiver (as well as emitter) thus allowing you to learn your own IR commands.

To get started, first create a profile in the volume plugin for the TV or AVR that you want to control.  For the control method, you will choose HTC One (IR).  See this other FAQ for an introduction on creating a profile.  Once the profile has been created you can follow the steps below to learn the IR commands from your remote.


  1. You will need your original remote or a universal remote programmed to control your television or AVR.  Note:  You cannot use the DirecTV remote for IR learning.  The reason is because the DirecTV remote is designed to transmit a short IR signal to the DirecTV receiver in addition to sending the signal to your TV or AVR.  This short signal is to let it know if your remote is in DirecTV mode or AV/TV mode.  Unfortunately this extra IR signal causes IR learning to fail.
  2. Press [Edit / View Cmds] to enter the IR command settings for your Volume profile.
  3. Press [Set defaults] then choose (Learn commands) from the list of options.
  4. Follow the prompts to learn the IR for each button from your existing remote.
  5. The IR emitter and receiver are built into the power button on the HTC One, so you will need to line up the power button on the top of your HTC One with the IR emitter or window on your original remote control.  Try holding the two about an inch or so apart.  It may also work just butting the two together.  It is easiest to do this on a hard surface such as a table and it may help to place a small book or DVD case underneath the HTC One in order to help line up the IR windows.  See image below.
  6. Note that many remote controls do not have separate buttons for Power On, Power Off, Mute On and Mute Off.  It is more typical for there to be one button for Power and one button for Mute.  In that case, learn the Power button as Power Toggle and the Mute button as Mute toggle.  Just skip the other buttons when the app asks if you want to learn them.


Learning IR commands can sometimes be a bit finicky so it may take some patience.  The ideal setting is a dimly lit room, free from very bright light sources or natural sunlight.  Since IR signals are a spectrum of light, bright lights can 'wash' them out.  If a command fails to learn, simply follow the prompts in the app to try again.  Sometimes it may learn on the first try, other times it may take 5 or 6 tries for each button.

You can try holding the remote right against the HTC One or an inch or so away.


HTC One IR learning


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