(PRO-only) How does the Mini-Guide Source option work?

2012-07-12 01:22

The pro version has the ability to display a mini-guide which contains a list of what shows are currently playing on all of your receivers and favorite channels. The speed at which the app downloads this information is related to the speed of your network and the speed of the receiver that the app is getting the guide data from.  By default, it will retrieve guide data from the currently selected receiver in the app.  If you have a fast receiver (such as an H24/HR24) or a receiver that you don't use very often and would like to force the app to always retrieve guide data from that receiver then you can specify this in the prefs screen.  Note that this only affects favorite channel guide data.  The guide data (currently tuned) for your receivers (as opposed to favorite channels) comes from each receiver listed in the app.


Important:  It is recommended that you only use this option if you are using static IP addresses (or DHCP reservation) for the receiver you want to specify.  Failure to do so will eventually prevent the app from retrieving guide data and re-scanning your network will not fix it.  When entering the prefs screen, the app checks to see if you specified an IP address for the mini-guide and also checks to make sure that same IP address is listed in your receiver list.  If not, it will revert this option to the default (use current receiver).

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