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2012-07-12 01:23

I've been writing Windows software for many years and I've always tried to offer the best technical support possible.  While this site was initially setup for Windows software, I am in the process of integrating Android information into it.  If you need support with your Android app (made by Cognitial Mobile only), please contact me.  There is a button right inside the app at the bottom of the Options/Help screen.  Using this method, some technical data can automatically be inserted into the email that can help me troubleshoot the problem.  You may also use the Technical Support request form found at this site.  Please include as much pertinent information that you can, such as your phone or tablet make / model, DirecTV receiver model, router, etc, and explain the problem in as much detail as possible.

If you are having problems (errors, crashes, freezes, etc) please send me an email and I will help to resolve the issue or fix the problem in an update (if applicable).  Many feature requests and user problems have been resolved through email, but very few have been addressed based only on feedback left in the market.  The reason is simple:  If I encounter problems here with my test devices, I can and do fix them.  If I see reports of problems that I cannot reproduce locally and I have no way of communicating with the person having the problem then I have little to no hope of fixing it.  Thank you for understanding!

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