The app keeps asking me to rate it even though I already have

2012-07-12 01:32

In order to encourage current app ratings, the free and pro versions will prompt you for a rating any time a new version is installed.  The free version also prompts for a rating every X runs.  I don't mean to be pushy with it, but ratings are important and unfortunately many people do not rate apps unless practically begged to do so.  By resetting the rate request prompt when a new version is installed, it also helps to encourage updated reviews to complaints of old problems or requests for new features that have been resolved.


If you are using the pro version and you have already rated the app recently and do not wish to rate it again until after the next version, simply choose the option to rate the app then just exit the Google Play or Amazon Appstore app without leaving another rating or choose the new Opt-Out button starting in v2.2.2 and my app will then leave you alone until a new version is installed.  Please note that this only works in the pro version.  The free version will still occasionally ask you to rate the app.

Considering that the free version is ad-free, I consider this to be a very fair trade-off.  Smile

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