How do I make a backup of my app's settings or copy them to another device?

2012-10-16 23:20

If you would like to make a backup of your settings or copy them to another device (rather than manually add all receivers, favorites and macros all over again), you can do so by following the steps below.  Note that on slightly older versions of Android, it may use a folder on your SD card (if available).  If no SD card, or on newer versions of Android, it should be located in a folder on the "phone" or "tablet".

Starting with v2.2.5, the FREE and PRO versions automatically create a backup of your app's settings anytime a new version of the app is run (first run after an update).  This won't do much on a fresh installation, but as more versions/updates get installed you will start to accumulate several backups and this is all done for you automatically.  It is also recommended to create a backup yourself every now and then.


PRO instructions (easiest):

Starting in v2.2.5, the PRO version makes creating and restoring backups even easier.  You can still somewhat follow the general steps below, but beforehand, simply create a backup of your prefs (found under Menu > More > Create & Restore Backups).  Create a backup and give it a unique name if desired.  This will be the file that you copy from one device to the other (if moving settings).  If you simply want to make a backup, then you are done.  You can restore this later at any time by pressing Menu > More > Create & Restore Backups then choose the option to restore one.

If you are moving the settings, then copy this backup file to your computer, then connect the new/destination device and copy the backup file to the DirecTV_Remote folder on the new device.  Depending on the Android version, it may be located either on the SD card (if available) or on the phone or tablet itself.  Disconnect the new device from the PC and allow the SD card to get 'mounted' (if applicable).  Run the app and then the newly copied file can be chosen on the new device as a backup to restore. After restoring the backup, all of your old settings should be on the new device.

If you need more specific help with locating these files while browsing the phone or tablet on your computer, you can use the instructions below.  Simply substitute the main configuration filename (DirecTVRemote.ini) with the name of your backup.


Free/Pro general instructions:

The instructions below are a general guideline.  Depending on your Android device's OS version and computer OS version (Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Mac OS), the exact wording may vary.  The instructions assume you are copying a configuration from one device to another but it also will give you enough information to know how to back up your file instead. Smile

  1. On both devices, run the app and press Menu > More > Exit App. This will ensure that any recent changes you may have made have definitely been saved and that a new installation has definitely created a config file already.  This will also prevent the apps from making changes to the config file if you are copying settings from one device to another.
  2. Connect your original Android device to your computer using a USB cable.  If presented with a menu on how to connect, choose "Disk Drive - Mount as Disk Drive" or something similar.
  3. If you have auto-run on your computer, you will be asked what you would like to do with the connected drive.  Choose Explore, Browse files, or whatever option sounds similar to this.  If you don't have auto-run on your computer, you may need to browse manually to the Android device.  To do this in Windows, right-click on the Start button, choose Explore, then browse to the drive letter assigned to your device.  It may be listed as "Removable Device" or similar.  Once you start browsing the device, it may list a phone (or tablet) and possible also an SD card.  Depending on your Android version it may be using a folder directly on the device or on the SD card.  If both the device and SD card appeear to have a DirecTV_Remote folder, look to see which one contains newer files and use that one.
  4. Look for a folder called DirecTV_Remote and open it.  Then look for a file called DirecTVRemote.ini.  Depending on how your computer is setup it may also appear simply as DirecTVRemote.  This is the configuration file for the app.  If you are using the pro version and have first created a backup, look for that file instead.
  5. If you are making a backup, simply save a copy of this file somewhere safe but be sure to leave the original file there!  If you are copying the settings from one device to another, save a copy of this file somwehere on your computer (such as the desktop) again leaving the original file there.
  6. Disconnect the original device from the computer and connect the device that you wish to transfer the app settings to by following the steps above.
  7. Browse to the DirecTV_Remote folder on the new device and copy or move the file from your desktop to the device.  If it asks if you wish to replace the existing file say yes.
  8. Disconnect the second device from the computer and wait for the SD card to remount to the device (if applicable).
  9. If you copied the DirecTVRemote.ini file itelf, try running the app again and it should now have all the same settings as your original device.  If for some reason this does not happen, try repeating the steps again being extra certain that the app has been fully exited on the target device.  If you are unsure, reboot the target device first.
    If you are using the pro version and have copied a backup instead, just run the app and then the newly copied file can be chosen on the new device as a backup to restore.  After restoring the backup, all of your old settings should be on the new device.
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