Button presses seem to be getting dropped or the receiver is very slow to respond to commands sent through the app.

2013-03-14 21:00

DirecTV receivers are notorious for dropping commands, especially when sending several in rapid succession (and particularly when in the Guide or Info banner).  Other DirecTV remote apps have this problem, and in fact the actual DirecTV remote is affected by this as well.  Usually rebooting the receiver will alleviate this problem but eventually it can get worse again.  Hopefully DirecTV can make their receivers run a bit more reliably in the future.


Also, reliability can be affected by network conditions.  If you have a very busy, overloaded, or just plain slow home network then you can expect delays between pressing a button in the app and the receiver responding to it.  This delay will be even worse if you happen to be actively using DirecTV's Whole Home DVR service to watch content from one DVR on another DVR or non-DVR receiver (often called Multi-Room Viewing or Remote Viewing).  This increased delay is caused by additional network traffic and/or because the receiver's network adapter and CPU are also busy processing the video stream.


If you are experiencing this problem within the menus/options of a Genie client, please see this post.

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