Google Play or Amazon Appstore says that the Volume Plugin is not compatible with my device

2013-06-09 13:03

Recently some changes were made to my apps to fix a problem where certain devices were showing as being incompatible with certain devices, typically large tablets.

While this change fixed the problem with the main app (DirecTV Remote+ Free & Pro) and the Shortcut Addon, it caused Samsung IP control to stop working in the Volume plugin.  After some digging around, it turned out to be caused by a technical detail in how the Samsung IP control code is executed.  Until I can find a work-around for this, I had no choice but to remove the manifest line in the Volume Plugin app that reported it was compatible with newer Android versions (which affects the ability to report that my app is compatible with "x-large" screens, such as what are found on 10" tablets).

To be clear, it is only not compatible on a technicality and in fact should work fine on almost all devices.  It is possible that Samsung control will not work on devices that say they are incompatible, but I am not certain either way.

If you are having problems downloading the plugin, you can download it below.  You will then need to manually install the app (APK) on your device.  Instructions for manually install apps are all over the web.  The only difference between the Google Play and Amazon versions are that internal links to other apps bring you to their respective market.

I will try to update the APK files on my website when newer versions are released but the app versions linked here may be a bit older than what the market shows.  If that is the case, please send me an email and remind me to update the Volume Plugin downloads at my website.

Google Play version:  Download APK

Amazon Version:  Download APK

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