The Wizard scan finds my Samsung TV but it cannot control it over my network.

2014-01-26 14:36

Not all Samsung smart TVs support remote control over a network.  This is simply a limitation of the TV's firmware, and this issue is more likely to happen with older models.  The plugin app uses the same Samsung network control code as the SamyGo app, which was released as open-source.

In order to rule out a problem with my plugin app itself, it is recommended to try installing the SamyGo app.  If that app works then please let me know and I can try to look into the reason why my plugin doesn't work for you.  If the SamyGo app does not work for you, then neither will my plugin app.


Samsung network remote control basic compatibility list:

  • B-Series from 2009 (Only with modifications - not easy and not very convenient!)
  • C-Series from 2010
  • D-Series from 2011
  • E-Series from 2012
  • Probably many newer models as well...


For more details on TV model compatibility, see the description for the SamyGo app.

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