"Error 76 - Path not found"

2012-07-07 20:13

Occurs in a game I downloaded:

Please ensure that the game was unzipped properly. Games created with InterAx have sub-folders within the main (root) folder. This sub-folder information is stored in the zip file. After unzipping, if the game's main (root) folder contains many files and has no sub-folders in it, then the following will solve your problem: In WinZip, be sure that the "Use folder names" option is checked before you unzip the file. This option is visible in the window that appears after you click on the 'Extract' button. When unzipped properly, there should be a "Resource" folder under the game's main folder. Within the "Resource" folder, there should be two more folders: "Gfx" and "MMedia". This error occurs when either the Editor or Player tries to access a file in one of these sub-folders, but it doesn't exist.


Occurs in a new project I created:

If you receive this error while running a new project you created in the Player, the most likely cause is that no image was chosen for Scene 1's 'Scene Image' property.

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