Why don't Power or Reboot commands work with my Genie CLIENT?

2013-03-10 19:10

While all power commands (Power Toggle, Power On, Power Off) work with all H2x, HR2x and HR34 Genie receivers, they currently do not work with Genie CLIENT devices (C31).


This is not a problem with my apps, but rather the commands simply do not work on the client devices.  Power Toggle toggles power on the Genie itself even if the command is sent to a client.  Power On & Off simply produce the "bonk" sound when sent to a client.

At this time it is not known if this is a firmware problem with the Genie or if this is intended behavior.  At any rate, since these commands do not function normally on the clients, the main remote app has blocked these commands from being sent to clients.

The "reboot" command does not work on the clients at all.  Because of this, the main app will not allow this command to be sent to a client.


For now, the Shortcut Addon will warn you that these commands do not work on Genie clients when you first try to create a shortcut.  However, it will allow you to create the shortcuts.  For reasons mentioned above, they will not work as expected.

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