How does the HTTP option work in the Volume Plugin?

2012-11-25 16:57

Just in case there is a TV or AVR that can be controlled through simple HTTP commands (now or in the future), I added this as an option for setting up the commands yourself.  This is probably unlikely, but if you ever stumble on some information that explains how to control your device through simple HTTP commands, go ahead and plug those commands into the plugin app and give it a try!  All I ask is that if you discover something that works, please send me an email through the 'Report' button in the plugin app and share the information with me so that I can add built-in support for that device in order to make it easier for others to do this too.


Below is purely an example of how you would use this option.  This exact command will most likely not do anything!

Scenario:  Your TV has an IP address of and your TV will respond to commands sent to port 80.  You found a website that says you can send the following to your TV to turn it on:



In this case, you would enter that command into the Power On field in the plugin app like so:


If all goes well, press on the Test button in the plugin app and see if it works.  If so, congratulations!  You can now control your TV's power from the main DirecTV Remote+ Pro app!

It bears repeating that most devices cannot be controlled so simply!  But if yours can, you can do so this way.  Please do not send me an email asking if you can do this with your TV!  If I know about it I will add it to the app.  If it is not already in the app, then either it cannot be done or I don't know about it, but asking me isn't going to make any difference.  If you want to know, Google it yourself.  Wink  If you find information saying that it can be done but you are having problems, then feel free to send me a link and I will try to help you figure it out.

It is also highly recommended that you assign a static IP address to your TV or AVR (much like it is recommended that you do this with your DirecTV receivers).  This will ensure that it will always work.  Otherwise you will need to change the commands if your IP address ever changes on the TV or AVR.

For an even more powerful DIY solution, see the Advanced HTTP option!


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