What is the MEmote?

2013-08-21 19:30

Introduced in v3.4.0, the MEmote is a custom remote layout that you can design yourself.  The remote designer is available in the FREE version (as well as PRO) but although FREE users can save the layout, it can only be used as the active remote layout in the PRO version.  You can design and save a custom remote layout using the free version and should you later decide to purchase the pro version, you will be able to use your custom remote immediately.


Some basic info on the MEmote:

  • To use the MEmote editor, press Menu > Remote Style > [Remote Designer].
  • To use the MEmote as your remote interface, press Menu > Remote Style > MEmote.  The DirecTV Remote+ Pro app will remember your last-used remote the next time you open it.
  • Only one MEmote custom remote is supported, but you can design separate layouts for portrait and landscape orientations with different buttons, positions and sizes.
  • When you initially create a MEmote layout, you will choose which built-in remote style to base it off of.  You can base it off of the Compact layout or the Mid-Size layout.  The primary difference is that the compact layout shows all buttons on one non-scrolling screen but they can be a bit small on phones.  The mid-size layout has slighly larger buttons and the number buttons are accessed as a pop-up number pad by pressing a single button the main remote screen (again on a non-scrolling screen).  Both portrait and landscape layouts in your MEmote must use the same base style but you can move, resize or hide buttons independantly in each orientation.
  • Only one orientation can be edited at one time.  In order to edit the other orientation, back out of the editor (saving changes as desired) then go back into the editor and choose the other orientation to edit.
  • Buttons can be hidden or shown individually by short-pressing on them and toggling the 'Visible' checkbox.  You can also choose to hide or show several buttons much quicker by pressing Menu> Options / Visible Buttons.
  • Buttons can be resized by short-pressing on them and using the slider or < and > buttons to adjust the overall size.
  • The silver status bar can be moved anywhere you wish vertically (up and down) but cannot be moved horizontally and cannot be hidden.
  • You can reset your custom remote layout from within the designer and start over.  You will be asked to confirm your decision before resetting it.  This cannot be undone, so be sure this is what you want to do or create a backup of your layout first.
  • The custom remote layout file can be found on your SD card in the following folder:
      SD 'root'/DirecTV_Remote/MyRemote.dtvl
  • As you move buttons around, they will overlap each other.  Some will be in front of others and some will be behind.  This is normal and does not affect the end result since buttons should not normally be overlapping anyway.


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