How do I use the Shortcut Add-on?

2014-10-15 19:39

Note:  Prior to version 2.0 of the add-on, it could not be run as a "normal" app.  This resulted in there being no "Open" option after installation and it also required the user to use it by going through the process of adding any other shortcut or widget to the home screen.  This behavior has been changed starting in version 2.0 and the add-on now allows you to run it as a normal app in addition to how it worked in previous versions.

While it was not a bug, it became apparent that many people could not figure out how to use it as I originally intended.  In the newer versions, when running the add-on in "App Mode" the shortcuts or widgets you create will be placed in the first available slot on a home screen that Android finds.  When using the add-on in "Shortcut/Widget Mode" (the original method), you have more control over the exact location of the shortcut or widget but it is a bit more difficult to use.

App Mode:   Simply open the Shortcut add-on as any normal app.  Choose which type of shortcut to create (Remote Button, Favorite Channel, Macro or Mini-Guide) then choose the options for it and press 'Create'.  Android will place the new shortcut or widget in the first open slot it finds on a home screen.  After a shortcut is created you can continue to create more shortcuts or choose to exit the app.  You will likely want to move the new shortcuts/widgets to a better spot which can be done by long-pressing on the shortcut and dragging it to the desired location.

Shortcut/Widget Mode:  This is the original method for using the add-on.  It is easy to do once you know how, but the process varies a bit by device and Android version. On some devices, they will be called shortcuts.  On others, they will be called widgets.  While this method allows you more control over where the shortcut/widget will be placed, you can only create one at a time.  You will need to repeat the first step again in order to create another one.

1)  This first step could be slightly different based on who manufactures the phone.  Generally speaking it should be one of the following (or somewhat close):

  • Jelly Bean (Phones & Tablets):  Long press on an empty part of the home screen and choose Apps and Widgets.  Select the Widgets tab then scroll left or right until you see DirecTV Remote Command.  Long-press and DRAG that icon to an empty spot on your home screen.  If the options don't come up automatically, tap the new icon on your home screen to bring up the shortcut/widget options.
  • Froyo/Gingerbread:  Long-press on your home screen and choose the option to add a SHORTCUT (though NOT a normal 'application' shortcut).  Some devices require more steps, others are worded differently such as Long-press > Shortcut or Long-press > Shortcuts > App Actions, etc.  See screen shot below.
  • Honeycomb (Tablets):  There is a to click on then it brings up a bar across the bottom half of the screen with tabs for shortcuts and widgets.  Press on the Widgets tab then scroll until you find DirecTV Remote+ Shortcut.  Long-press and DRAG that icon to an empty spot on your home screen.  Afterward, press the widget in order to set it up as a shortcut.
  • ICS (Tablets):  Go to the home screen you want to add the widget to. Then touch the little grid in the upper right and it will take you to the app/widget drawer.  Press on the Widgets tab then scroll until you find DirecTV Remote+ Shortcut.  Long-press and DRAG that icon to an empty spot on your home screen.  Afterward, press the widget in order to set it up as a shortcut. 

2) Choose what type of DirecTV remote shortcut or widget to create (Remote Button, Favorite Channel, Macro or Mini-Guide)

3) Choose your options then press Create

4) You can now send that button, channel or macro to the receiver right from your home screen.  No need to even open the DirecTV Remote app!




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