Do you do beta testing?

2012-07-26 16:00

I generally do my own testing but I do on occasion send beta versions for people to test.


While I have never done "mass" beta testing, if you are a PRO user and are interested in participating in beta testing should I ever decide to do that, just send me an email and let me know you are willing to beta test.  If I ever do decide to send out beta versions to a number of people, I might send it to you as well.


Below are a couple issues in DirecTV Remote that I wouldn't mind doing some more testing with.  If these affect you then please send me an email if you'd like to help resolve the issue.  The problem is that I cannot repeat these issues on my own devices, network and equipment which makes it difficult to troubleshoot and fix.

  • WiFi not properly detected on some devices (should be improved in version 2.2.2).
  • Scanning sometimes misses one or more receivers on some devices or networks (but manually adding the receivers works every time).
  • Scanning used to work but no longer does (neither does manually adding a receiver).  I've had a couple reports of this, one of which was resolved by making changes to their router.  I was never able to determine why it suddenly started happening though because the basic principals of scanning in my app have not changed since the first version I released.  I was never able to completely rule in (or out) a specific cause.
  • Some devices vibrate and play a sound when the notifications are updated in the app.  There is a work-around, but I'd still like to test it further and try other things to fix it.
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