When starting the app or returning to the remote from a different screen (such as options or mini-guide), the phone vibrates or plays a sound several times.

2012-07-31 08:49

Special Request:  If this happens on your device, please send me an email through the 'Email Developer' button on the Options/Help screen in the app.  Also please let me know if you would be interested in trying "beta" versions that try to correct the problem.  Even if you do not wish to beta test and even if you decide you do not want to keep the app, please consider sending me the email so I can determine which devices this affects.  Unfortunately I don't have a device that is affected by this problem so I have no way of personally testing any attempts at fixing it.  If a recent update (2.2.3 or newer) fixed the problem, please let me know that as well.  I made an attempt at fixing it but since I can't duplicate the problem, I can't test it. Wink  Thank you for your cooperation!


I have received two reports of this behavior on a Droid Charge, although it may affect other phones as well.  I am looking into the issue but when my app tells Android to show a notification icon it explicitly requests for it to NOT blink the LED, NOT play a sound and NOT vibrate.  I'm not sure why these settings are ignored on this (or other devices).  There are two work-arounds:

     1)  In the DirecTV Remote Options/Help screen, uncheck the option "Show icon in notification area".  The downside to this work-around is that you will no longer see the notification, which is handy for quickly launching the remote app or seeing which receiver is currently selected.

     2)  This may vary by phone, but you can also disable the haptic feedback options on the device itself.  Below is how to do this on a Droid Charge (kindly provided by a DirecTV Remote Pro user).
          a)  Press Menu > Settings > Sound then scroll to Haptic Feedback
          b)  Check the 'Haptic Feedback' option and that enables the Vibration Intensity setting below it
          c)  Drag the slider to the left to lower the vibration intensity to 0
          d)  Uncheck the 'Haptic Feedback' option to disable it.

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