Occasionally the ongoing 'On Now' notification will tell me to check my WiFi, IP or Whole Home settings.

2013-11-26 16:28

In order to preserve battery, the On Now notifications will be suspended if the app is unable to receive data from the currently selected receiver for several minutes.  This can occur if you leave the area (WiFi disconnects) or the network is otherwise disconnected, if the receiver is rebooted, etc.  To resume notifications, simply press on the notification to open the app or in the pro version on devices with expanded notifications simply press on the 'Refresh' button inside the notification.

Please note that this does not indicate any kind of connection problems under normal circumstances.  The most likely reason for seeing this is when you leave your home.  When the notification is set to update, it may show this notice instead if it cannot connect.  Rest assured that once back home, it will pick up where it left off by refreshing the notification or re-opening the app.

As far as why it also mentions to check your IP or Whole Home settings, while that may sound alarming, that is just to cover all possible reasons.  If you see this in the notification immediately after setting it up then your WiFi is likely connected so it is just telling you what else may be wrong.

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