When using the app to change settings on a Genie CLIENT, the client suddenly stops responding to commands.

2013-03-14 20:58

When trying to get into settings (such as audio or display settings) within the menus of a Genie client, the client can suddenly stop responding to commands.  At the time of this writing (3/14/2013) the exact reason is unknown but I presume it to be a bug in the Genie or client firmware.

The app still sends the commands and the Genie usually still acknowledges them (though only with the "bonk" sound), but for whatever reason it just stops responding to them.

Unfortunately there is nothing I can do to fix this since this is not a problem in my app, but rather it is a problem in the client (or possibly the Genie itself, since commands sent to the clients are actually sent to the Genie and forwarded to the client).

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