Can the volume plugin change power on my TV or AVR without asking every time?

2014-01-26 14:52

Note:  Starting in v2.2.0 of the plugin, this option can now be easily changed on each individual profile!  In order to preserve previous default behavior for most people, the default setting for every existing and newly created profile will be to ask for confirmation when sending power commands.  If you have previously done the tweak below, you will need to go through each of your profiles and change this setting.  The global tweak mentioned below no longer has any effect.


Yes, it can be configured to change power on your TV or AVR without asking but it currently requires manually editing the plugin's configuration file.

The file can be edited on the phone or tablet if you have a file manager app installed.  Otherwise you can connect your phone or tablet to your computer and edit it that way.  It is a plain text file and can be opened as such.

Filename and location:  SD 'root'/DirecTV_Remote/DirecTVaddonVolume.ini


Once inside the file, look for the following near the beginning:


        "NoPromptPower": false


Change the false to true and save the changes.  You should no longer be asked if you want to change power on the TV or AVR when pressing Power in the main remote app, but rather it will just do it without prompting.


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